who makes kirkland golf balls

Golf can be considered to be one of the most expensive sports available which can make it difficult for individuals to purchase equipment. Many golfers are looking for ways to save money on golf equipment which has made Kirkland golf balls incredibly popular for many avid golfers.

Kirkland golf balls are one of the most popular direct to consumer golf balls on the market. This means Kirkland can manufacture the golf balls and sell them directly to the consumer for a much cheaper price because they don’t have to deal with retail middle man fees.

This direct to consumer golf ball model has increased in popularity in recent years and have provided golfers with a cheaper alternative compared to other large golf brands. If you are considering purchasing golf balls then Kirkland golf balls are a great option. If you want to who makes Kirkland golf balls or learn if they are a great golf ball for you then continue to read our article.

who makes kirkland golf balls

Who Makes Kirkland Golf Balls?

Kirkland golf balls are manufactured by Costco. As many golfers may know, Kirkland is the product brand that was owned and created by Costco. Costco created the fist Kirkland golf ball in 2016. Costco wanted to manufacture a golf ball that is high quality but it still affordable for the average golfer. If you are looking to purchase golf balls, especially if you are looking to buy golf balls in bulk then Kirkland golf balls can be a great option.

Kirkland 3 Piece Golf Ball Review

Most golfers have used golf balls from large golf brands such as Titleist for many years. Which may cause golfers to be hesitant to switch to the Kirkland brand of golf balls. It can be difficult to compare golf balls to other brands and make claims on how exactly it will impact your golf game. There are so many variables such as the handicap of the golfer or the average swing speed of the golfer which makes it difficult to say how a new golf ball will impact your golf game.

For the average golfer, we believe the Kirkland 3 piece golf ball will be a great option for them. Kirkland 3 piece golf balls when reviewed had a similar flight carry distance when compared to popular golf balls. When reviewed, Kirkland golf balls carried an average of 4 yard less than a similar range of Titleist golf balls.

This means that for the average golfer, they won’t be able to even notice the different in flight distance compared to their current golf ball. We believe if you are an average golfer or have a mid-handicap then Kirkland golf balls are a great option for you.

As always, it is important to test out these golf balls for yourself to see how they fit your game. We do believe Costco golf balls are a great option for golfers who would like to save some money but still have a high quality golf ball.

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