Best Golf Clubs Set

Buying a set of golf clubs can be the best options for beginners are those who don’t want to do the research on each individual club. A complete golf clubs set typically don’t provide as many customization options compared to clubs individually, but you can often get a better price and will know that the clubs will play well together.

Best Set of Golf Clubs

In this article you will learn about the most popular sets of golf clubs in recent years as well which style of play each set is great for. Below we will recommend sets for beginners, experienced players, as well as different playing styles.

In this buying guide you will learn about the best golf club sets currently available this year!

1. Callaway Strata Golf Set

callaway strata golf set

The Callaway Strata Golf Set is one of the most popular and well reviewed complete golf sets on the market. It was recently featured on our best golf club buying guide and we believe it is the number 1 option for beginner golfers.

The Callaway Golf Set comes with a titanium built driver, 3 wood, 4 wood, two different hybrids, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, a pitching wedge, sand wedge, putter, and a well built golf bag. Many golf sets don’t come with multiple hybrids and multiple different wedges which is what separates this golf set from others.

We believe this is the perfect option for those who are looking to upgrade to a complete set or for beginner golfers who are looking to buy their first complete set. We know you will love the quality and technology design of these clubs.

2. Precise M5 Complete Golf Club Set

m5 precise golf set

The Precise M5 Golf Set has grown in popularity over the past few months because of the quality of the clubs and the recent advertisement campaign the company has sent out. The set comes with a 460cc Driver, 3 wood, 21 degree hybrid, 5 iron, 6 iron, 7 iron, 8 iron, 9 iron, pitching wedge, and putter.

The set only comes with hybrid club and doesn’t come with a sand wedge which is fine for most beginner golfers but if you are more experienced you may choose to go with the Callaway set. The M5 set is perfect for tall men or those who are looking for a sturdy set of clubs. The shafts are designed for high speed golf swings and the putter is designed to provide a smooth putting stroke.

The set comes with the option to buy it in a right hand set or a left hand set which means it is a perfect option for anyone! It even comes with the option to buy the extended length shafts if you are over the height of 6 foot. Many sets can be too small for taller men or women.

We highly recommend this set as an affordable and trustworthy set of golf clubs that is great for beginners or those who are looking to upgrade to their first ever complete set of clubs.

3. Wilson Golf Platinum Golf Set

wilson platinum golf set

Wilson is known for being a reliable and trustworthy brand within the golf industry and the the Platinum Golf Set is the perfect option for those who are new to golf. This set comes with a beautiful 460cc driver that comes with a large sweet spot this is incredibly forgiving and easy to hit.

The irons are durable and provide a smooth swing because of the alloy steel and the deep undercut stainless steel cavity design. This is the perfect golf set for beginners as it comes with all of the clubs that you will need but it also comes with an easy to carry bag that is lightweight and easy to carry.