Best Golf Drivers

The driver is one of the most important clubs in your bag as consistently hitting fairways off your tee shot can make or break your round. Golf brands have continued to improve the technology and design of drivers which can make it difficult to understand what is the best option for your swing.

In this guide we will review some of the most popular drivers on the market as well as help you understand which one is better for different swing speeds, play styles, or personalizations.

Best Golf Drivers of 2021

With thousands of different drivers on the market, it can be difficult to understand the difference or which is the best club for your needs. Below we have listed our favorite drivers on the market this year and detail the technology and design of each driver.

1. Callaway Mavrik Driver

callaway mavrik driver

The Callaway Mavrik Driver has become one of the best options for beginner golfers as well as intermediate golfers because of the low weight titanium design but also because of the forgiving face. The build is made out of a new titanium head that is designed to increase swing speed and help to increase the distance of your driver. This driver was just recently featured on our Best Golf Clubs roundup review!

The face of the driver has a beautiful hit zone that has been designed to be forgiving even if you don’t catch the shot cleanly. This can be huge for beginners or intermediate golfers who struggle to hit fairways. When reviewing this driver, our team absolutely loved the light weight feel and believe this will be a great option for nearly any golfer who is looking to upgrade to a newer driver.

2. TaylorMade SIM 2 Driver

taylormade sim 2 driver

The brand new TaylorMade SIM 2 Driver has quickly become one of the most popular and well reviewed drivers on the market. Each year, TaylorMade has improved and redesigned this style of driver and we believe this is their best one yet!

In 2021, the the TaylorMade team completely redesigned the original model of the SIM driver and replaced it with all new, higher performing materials. The SIM 2 can help to provide further distance on your drive but also help to provide more forgiveness for shots you don’t hit cleanly. These are the two things you want in your driver!

The driver is built from an all new aluminum design that is lighter weight and provide better aerodynamics for faster swing speeds. This improvement to your swing speed can help to increase the distance you are able to hit your drives.

The newly design club face has been proven to help with forgiveness which makes it easier to hit the sweet spot and hit your drives straight down the fairway. Our team absolutely loved the new technology material and design in this driver and we believe it is a great option for those who are looking to make an improvement to their driving.

3. Callaway Epic Speed Driver

callaway epic speed driver

The Callaway Epic Speed driver is the newest model out from Callaway and it comes with all new technology and design. The new Jailbreak Speed Frame Technology used by Callaway is designed to help improve swing speed and minimize drag to make it more aerodynamic as you swing.

The driver comes with multiple different shaft options online and comes in three different models to make it easy for any golfer to switch over. We found that this driver is perfect for intermediate to experienced golfers who are looking for a mid launch and mid spin ball flight from their drive.

During our review we absolutely loved the lightweight and easy to handle design. We saw a near instant improvement in our swing speed compared to other drivers we have reviewed and we thought the face of the driver head was well designed and forgiving. If you are looking to improve your drive distance, then this Callaway driver is a great option for you!